Things To Know And To Do When Renovating The Bathroom

Design tactics need to apply so that the small bathroom is comfortable to use. Because the bathroom is one room with special characters that require various devices to function properly. Small bathrooms must be able to accommodate sanitation, waterways, lighting, airing, and aesthetic needs of the interior. It is important for you to make the bathroom renovations planning.

Incorrect in making a small bathroom arrangement can cause long-term effects. The bathroom is not like another room that can be rearranged at any time. A number of elements, such as sinks and toilets, have been permanently installed so that they need to be reshaped if you want to change the layout of the space.

Judging from its function, the area in the bathroom can be divided into wet areas and dry areas. Wet areas are places to bathe, while dry areas are used for sanitation activities, such as urinating and brushing teeth.

Small bathrooms that do not separate wet and dry areas can increase the risk of accidents, such as falling and slipping. Because when the area is wet and the dry area is put together, the condition of the entire bathroom becomes damp and slippery. Conditions like this can also invite disease bacteria and accelerate damage to walls, floors, and other devices.

In order for a small bathroom to be safe when used, it is necessary to divide wet areas and dry areas. However, the two areas do not have to be separated from the wall or partition that covers the entire wall. This kind of baffle can actually give a closed impression that makes the small bathroom look more crowded.

Why don’t you try to use a room partition with a transparent look like glass to make the small bathroom looks more spacious? In order not to be slippery, select the tempered glass type partition that has a rough texture on the surface.

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