The Safe Clothing Materials For Babies

The safest and most comfortable material for baby clothes is cotton. Cotton made of soft cotton that absorbs sweat and does not cause irritation if worn by a baby. However, it’s better if the cotton used is made of organic cotton. Organic cotton made from cotton planted without using chemicals and fertilizers, making it softer and safer if worn by babies who have sensitive skin. Apart from that, if you also have an older daughter, perhaps she needs the best girls clothing as well.

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Cotton and spandex material mixture

In addition to cotton, you can also choose clothes for babies with a mixture of spandex material. You can wear a mixture of cotton and spandex in babies aged 6 months to 2 years when the child is actively moving. Spandex material has a flexible texture and follows the curve of the body, so it does not make the baby’s motion limited.


Wool is made of lamb fur, has a thick and warm texture so it can withstand cold, especially when the baby is in the weather or winter. In addition, the fabric made from sheep’s fur easily dry when exposed to water, the stain is easily cleaned and caring for it is easy.

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