The Pros Of Using Wi-Fi

Do you want wifi home automation system installation at your home? Why is Wi-Fi important? Wi-Fi network connection is one part of wireless that does not require a cable to connect between devices with one another. Many users switch from wired networks to Wi-Fi networks.


Basically ethernet networks and Wi-Fi are the same but they use the different media when it comes to connecting method. Ethernet uses cables in transferring data, while Wi-fi uses electromagnetic waves. The following are some of the wireless Wi-fi that you can get when you choose it.

1. Users can move places

Because unlike a cable network that requires us to always be connected via cable, so that it seems to limit our motion. In Wireless Wi-Fi networks we don’t have to mess with cables, we feel a little freer. The use of Wi-Fi networks allows us to be more active in moving and not fixed in one place. We need to know, the need for device mobility without being limited to cables is getting higher.

2. Users can use devices that support Wi-Fi

The number of devices that support Wi-Fi network connection is also another reason. The devices users can enjoy wireless Wi-Fi networks even though they have to add a Wi-Fi adapter. With the many devices that support Wi-Fi networks can certainly strengthen us to choose Wi-Fi rather than cable.

3. You can connect in one click

Unlike wired networks, which we have to plug the head of an RJ-45 connector into the Ethernet port of our computer. It is not network, we also have to enter the settings manually. On Wi-Fi networks we don’t need to do things like that anymore. Administrator arranges Wi-Fi for ease of use. We only have to click connect, it automatically gets the settings (dynamic IP).

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