The Best Remedy on Earth

Do you ever hear about the traditional remedy that is very popular from Peru? If you ever hear about it from your friends or partners in life then you really must read this article that will talk about the ayahuasca retreat method. This best remedy on earth just like what some of local citizen in Peru said to the media on the internet will give you a very different experience.

This ayahuasca remedy has several steps as the main things that they do in their ritual remedy process. Usually the leader who will lead the remedy process will ask all the patients to have few of bath rituals. They will use the ingredients that they get from the nature. They will only use the natural plants or ingredients for completing the bath rituals. All the patients need to sink their bodies in to a huge bath that is made from special natural stones. The leader will put those natural plants into the bath up or it actually looks more like a huge container that is made from the natural stone. They use traditional plants that they pick from the Amazon such as the lobster-claw, giant water lilies, passion fruit flowers, monkey brush vine, and orchids. As we all know that as the biggest rainforest in the world Amazon has so many unique plants.

People in Peru believe that those unique plants will give them so many useful natural extracts. The leader will also use some of fruits that they pick from the Amazon. Those amazing unique fruits are acai, camucamu or rumberry, bacaba, and cupuazu. Those unique fruits with unique names will also give unique effects to your body. All of the plants are only growing in the Amazon rainforest so they will not use any kind of plants from out of Amazon rainforest.

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