From the point of view of financial status, sufficiently well-to-do people can be assigned to the target audience of Cinemark cinemas. Visit Roxys Prices for Cinemark Ticket Prices and prices for food concession stand.To a greater extent, it is necessary to focus on the group of “well-off”, which makes up more than half the audience.

Most often, people go to the cinema with friends or together, at least – with children and one by one.

Cinemark Cinemas Perfect System

The system of making a decision about going to the cinema and choosing a film was also investigated and it turned out that the decision was most often made collectively. Accordingly, the repertoire of the cinema should be focused on the tastes of a wide range of people.

  • Sources of information often serve as announcements and advertising on television and in magazines, and only then outdoor advertising and advice from friends and acquaintances. Accordingly, advertising on television and in magazines (newspapers) can be identified as the most effective type of advertising. The Internet is also an important source of information, as there are more network users among the regular audience of cinemas than among all Muscovites.

Subject of Interest for Cinemark Cinemas and Food Concession Prices

Interesting are the results of research on what the consumer first chooses: a film or a movie theater. According to surveys, the viewer initially chooses a movie, and then decides which cinema to visit, and only in 23% of cases the cinema hall is selected first. This indicates that for the cinema it is extremely important to develop a competent repertoire policy, which will mainly influence the attraction of potential viewers. However, comfort, technical equipment and convenience of the cinema location are also important. When choosing a film, viewers are guided primarily by the genre, the actors involved in the film and the fame of the filmmakers. Speaking of priorities in the choice of the genre of the film, we can conclude from the results of the study that viewers prefer comedy, adventure and fantasy. The least popular are dramas and musical films. Focusing on the country of production can be identified as the most common and therefore popular American films and Western European. However, viewers often noted the lack of new films. Accordingly, on the basis of research data of Cinemark Movie Theater Prices, it can be concluded that in the case of producing high-quality films, such as “War”, for example, part of the film distribution market may take exactly cinema.

The target segment consists of young people who are ready to become regular visitors to modern cinema centers. Their share in the total number of respondents -61.25%. The number of young people aged 18 to 30 is 1,438.9 thousand people. Consequently, the size of the target segment is equal to 1438.9×0.6125 = 881.33 thousand people. Since young people are buyers of only three tickets out of four, it is logical to assume that in other age groups there are also film lovers, whose total number is 25% of the considered target segment, that is, the total number of potential multiplex visitors is 1,175.1 people, which is about 77% of the population aged 10 to 69 years inclusive.

The weighted average number of visits is 13.26, which is actually equal to the level of cinema attendance at the end of the 80s.

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