Choosing The Right Coffee For People With Stomach Issues

People with a troubled stomach like stomach acid or mag certainly doesn’t have a good relationship with coffee. Its strong character can trigger an increase in stomach acid, causing this drink to be one that is avoided. In fact, you can still enjoy a cup of coffee by choosing it right. If you have a plan to buy coffee beans online good life coffee, the following are important things to consider to ensure that drinking the coffee will not cause any unwanted reaction and possibilities to your stomach.

Coffee type
The acidity in coffee depends on the type you choose. Compared to Robusta coffee, arabica has a relatively low acid content so that it can still be enjoyed by sensitive hull owners. A variant of arabica coffee that is popular and you can try it or consider other types of coffee by first gathering information related.

Cultivation Method
Apart from choosing the right type, organically grown coffee also produces low acid levels. The price of organic coffee is slightly higher because it is not only lower in acid content but also has more antioxidant content than non-organic coffee.

Roasting Process
In general, the roasting process of coffee beans or roasting is divided into 3 canals, namely light roasted, medium roasted and dark roasted. All three clearly produce different taste, aroma, and acidity. Darkly roasted roasting products are considered to be most suitable for owners of sensitive stomachs because they have higher levels of N-methylpyridinium — a compound that reduces stomach acid — than light roasted. In addition, coffee beans that are processed with the darkly roasted method also have the lowest caffeine content.

Powder Texture
The fine texture of the coffee powder actually releases more acid extract when you brew it. Instead, use coffee with a rather coarse texture to make it more “tame” to be consumed by the owner of a sensitive stomach.

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